Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There is a Lord... Week 7

Good morning from Lebanon, Tennessee! As the title states, last week was very low in numbers as far as teaching appointments, lessons, new investigators, and everything else we do, BUT there is a God and I am doing very well, so if anyone out there thinks this is the worst thing I could possibly be doing and that I'm suffering, simply put and without any sympathy, you're wrong. Also, just a sidebar... these library computers won't let me drop photos, so I'll print some off at Walmart today and send them home with a few letters. But anyways, on to last week's report.
Before I forget, let me say this; it was one of my fears that I would have a fool-companion who would try to do something unwise with his bike and consequently crash into me. It turns out, that where there were no fools present, Elder Fishburn and I crashed into each other anyway. Now, Lebanon is a "miracle mission" and I have a testimony that this is true; if me -a 160lbs 6' 2" 19-year old- can take out a 220lbs, 6'4" 20-year old on his bike, remain perfectly fine on mine, and after sending his bike out from underneath him come out unscathed, there must be angels. The amazing thing is that he, Elder Fishburn, came out unscathed as well, and was like a cat as he danced on his feet, trying to avoid his careening bicycle as it sought to take out and cripple his legs. He had been looking for Zach's car (we were going to go to his apartment to see if he was home), and I had been looking over my shoulder, checking for traffic to make sure it was safe for me to ride shoulder-to-shoulder with Elder Fishburn. Our paths crossed, we hit each other, and we both came out fine. It was quite miraculous.
In other news, we were tracting Saturday night and we had knocked a few doors, were rejected a few times, stirred up a neighborhood of dogs due in part to the stray that was following us, and as we were leaving one house, a man in a white Jeep Cherokee came to a stop, put his vehicle in reverse, rolled down his window and called out to us. Elder Fishburn and I were absolutely confused- no one has ever approached us, and no one has ever approached him (he's been out for almost 8 months). We went, talked to this man on the road (much to the displeasure of the traffic we halted [sorry]), and we gave him a lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon right there on the street. He was very interested, and he even ASKED for a Book of Mormon before we had even mentioned it. He had two little children in the back of his vehicle and was very receptive to our message. We left him our card and number, and we haven't heard from him yet but we're very hopeful. That has never happened before, and it was just what we needed at the end of a long and -numerically speaking- disappointing day (I was in high spirits the whole time; it wasn't raining on us while we were biking [which did happen after dinner on Friday, but that's okay, it was almost fun getting soaked to the bone XD]).
Yesterday was also Mother's Day (I wish all of you beautiful and amazing mothers out there a very heartfelt Happy Mother's Day) and I was able to call home. That was very cool and it was awesome to hear my family's beautiful voices, and of course, getting to talk to Mom was very fun and I enjoyed everything that everyone had to say!

Elder Fishburn and I are being put into a trio, or rather, we're receiving another visa-waiter fresh from the MTC. How this is going to work I have absolutely NO idea and I am just a little (or maybe very) apprehensive. I don't mind having a third new person within the companionship, I'm just questioning logistics- our apartment is fit for two, and now we have a third to watch out for... "We are all enlisted 'till the conflict is o'er! Happy are we! Happy are we!" This is my new song for whenever I think about having three people in our apartment that fits two people... smiles all around!
Until next week, goodbye from Lebanon! As always, emails and mail are much appreciated (every letter is a blessing). I love you all and hope our good Lord is treating you as well as he's been treating me.
-Elder Schomburg

Salt Lake City Temple
May 10, 2012
I took this pretty photo and just wanted to share.

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