Monday, September 16, 2013

The Work Goes Forth...Week 25

G'day everyone!
Wow, I have heaps of emails from everyone and I might not get to reply to you all!!! I'm so sorry that my time is limited at this library, but I will try super hard to write back to all of you! Thank you so much for the emails!!!!
So first off, this week Elder A and I smashed our goals. We found more than 30 potential investigators and taught 20 lessons. Now tell me that isn't good work! It is for Australia, let's not compare the mission here to somewhere like Samoa, where they get 40 member-present lessons and whatnot (we had 11 this week, which is exceptionally high). This is good news! Week five has been the best one of the transfer as far as work goes! It's also been the hardest for me thus far concerning loving my companion though. Despite our exceptionally good work this week, Elder A and I are still not quite "friends" due to some increasingly difficult personal differences.  I don't want to say that I've given up on the situation, but it seems that no matter the amount of scriptures I read for guidance, no matter the amount of praying I have done for strength and understanding, no matter the amount of service I perform, I just cannot find room in my heart to love him. I'm still trying, but it is very hard, especially when the only thing he is willing to talk about is how I am in need of much changing and it's my fault that the work in our area hasn't exactly been as great as it has been in the past for him... anyways.
Aside from internal affairs, the work in Darwin is great! The Sisters are smashing it and the Elders are doing great! I'm sad though- Elder C is leaving this transfer. When I first met him I wasn't sure I liked him- he was serious, he was unafraid to smash anyone despite their success, and he seemed very iron-fisted. He really did open up though, and it's now my privilege to call him my friend. He has taught me more than a lot of previous missionaries, and he's seriously, in all honesty, one of the best missionaries in the ZAAM. Today is his last P-Day, so we're headed out to East Point to play some Darwin Ten-Step later today. I'll take more pictures because I LOVE THE OCEAN!!! The ocean isn't even my ocean though, meaning I can't look at the horizon and be looking in the direction of America... instead I'm looking either at Australia, India, or French Indonesia... but it's still an OCEAN!!! It's funny- all the missionaries from Utah and any other land-locked state freak out when we see the ocean- the Islanders just laugh at us when we get excited XD
I hope everyone's doing well since Colorado seems to be being burned and drowned...
I love you heaps!!!
-Elder Schomburg 

P.S. We ate at the wharf again last P-Day and these are the photos I took:

U.S. Aircraft Carrier at dock

God Bless American and her
terribly awesome military might!!!

Elder A and Elder Schomburg

Chow time!
Exotic foods eaten: crocodile, kangaroo, lamb (not exotic but a first) and camel

A visitor on our front portch - Arachnus Deathicus!
Also known as the Huntsman Spider

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