Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!... Week 40

G'day all!
This day finds me feeling exceptionally well, for the time being- we'll see how long it lasts in my life of ever changing environments. XD First off, Christmas in Adelaide was splendid, and as per the usual, I was proven wrong and the thing I was anxious about doing was actually quite enjoyable. We spent two days with our host companionship, Elder T (my MTC comp) and Elder K, his green (3 months) companion from Utah... let me tell you about Christmas in Adelaide!
We arrived in Adelaide on Tuesday, got settled in with Elders T and K, did a bit of proselyting, and then came home. We spent the night watching "Joy to the World" and signing Christmas hymns. The next morning, we practiced our skit one last time, had a thing called Morning Sport, and then went to the Christmas event/party. There, all the zones and districts put on their skits, and there were some that were brilliant and others that were not so brilliant. Fortunately for us, no one could stop talking about "Mildura Time" as our skit was so named. It was just a song about the "Stress Level Colours" with various role-plays thrown in, and it was designed to mimic a children's show called "Play School". As ridiculous as we looked, the laughter and applause was booming, so we must've done a good job, as we should have.
We then listened to a few elders and sisters sing songs, and it was overall a spiritual event. When it finished, our zone leaders distributed the packages the office had been withholding for Christmastime, and I was surprised when I received a package from home AND from the Sperry's, which was full of all sorts of goodies and letters from the Relief Society. It's share and share alike with missionaries, so upon returning to the flat, the four of us dished out our various treats. Poor Elder K kept wanting to trade us for things, particularly his Salt Lake Temple recommend holder for Elder P's New Zealand MTC holder (and there are only a few hundred of those around) and my Denver temple one. I felt bad for him- everything he has is from Utah, and everything Mormon from Utah is a dime a dozen, therefore diminishing the value of his "trading" items severely. He didn't get a whole lot out of us... That night we went to bed earlier than on Christmas Eve and we drove for 8 hours back to Broken Hill the following day. 
I also got to call home! It was SO good to hear everyone's voices! Apparently I have an accent that I didn't know I had developed because I sound as American as ever, at least to myself I do, but lo and behold! The Aussie accent (whatever that is) is mine! I can come home now (jokes, jokes)! It was great to hear from everyone and I want everyone to know that my family has truly beautiful voices. As per the usual, I thought of lots to talk about after the call... but what can you do?
For New Years we're staying in our flat! Whoohoo! But that's okay because Elder P and I are pretty tight and we can have a good time together, so we might just throw ourselves a party and watch Mormon movies and write letters and sing hymns and whatever else it is that we can find for ourselves to do.
Anyways, I am short on time and must now be off. I love you all heaps! Happy New Year!
-Elder Schomburg

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