Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hastening the Work... Week 44

While we did not hear directly from Elder Schomburg this week, I did receive word through some of the members of the Broken Hill Branch that he has been transferred and will be serving in a new area.  Monday was traveling day and I am sure he has gone directly to work in his new area (wherever that may be), so we will most likely hear from him next week.  If he happens to write sometime today, I will edit this blog post with his letter.

I received two friend requests on Facebook from members of the Broken Hill Branch and here is what one of them had to say:

"Our Elder Schomburg who reopened the Broken Hill mission with companion Elder Prouting has now moved on in the mission field. So sad to have our last supper with our brother. He is and was truly a stripling warrior. Yes, it always was a pleasure to have their company here. The work they have done here was fantastic. I could never not tell them how powerful, influential and patient they were sister. My husband and I prayed for about six months to get missionaries back, and then He sent honestly, two of the best right here. His work still rolls forth with two more baptism dates set in. For in Broken Hill, the field is white. Much love to you in your travels Elder Schomburg, Till we meet again!"
Elder Schomburg helps with the sheep shearing efforts in the outback.
It is such a blessing to hear about the ways in which our son is touching the lives of those he serves.  He developed a great love for the people of Broken Hill and they for him.  We are proud of the work he is doing and in his opportunity to share the love of Christ with the people of Australia.

This postcard/photo came in yesterday's mail.
 It is a wonderful depiction of two of the Lord's finest foot soldiers.

I have included a story here from the Church News about God's plan and purpose for Hastening the Work of Salvation.  Enjoy!

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