Monday, July 14, 2014

Where in the World is Elder Schomburg Going? ... Week 68

Again, as the District Leader I get information concerning transfers very first SO... serving in the Clarence Park area as the Marion District Leader will be... Elder Schomburg, and he will be finishing the training of Elder Fleming. That's what they'll say tomorrow. Yup, not going anywhere anytime soon!
G'day all!
The past two days, Elder Fleming and I saw miracles! I don't know how many prayers you've all been saying for us, but our testimonies have definitely grown in the past few days. We hit most of our daily goals two days in a row, and hit some weekly goals as well! People are actually open to learning again! Not sure what happened- it's as if the switch got flipped again, and people are suddenly softened. No complaints here; I just want to go hard-out now.
Yesterday we had a goal for two potentials; we didn't know when or where we would get them because we only had follow-up's planned with other potentials and former investigators. As we were following up though, I noticed that Elder Fleming was talking to everyone. It wasn't me talking to everyone anymore; he was talking to everyone, and he was happy to be doing it. The day before he had been on trade-off with Elder Dos Santos, and the man must have taught him something because he was going hard, and we found one potential. As the night went on, we went to follow up with another potential whom we'd never met.
We must have just missed him, because the man who opened the door said he had only been in the flat for a week. Well, as missionaries we teach everyone, so we got to talking with the man and found out that -though he had not always believed in Jesus Christ or God- he had come to develop a belief in his adulthood. He didn't go to any kind of church, and said his belief was nothing more than that- he did not know for certain. We boldly testified that it wasn't a coincidence that we had knocked on his door at that time, explaining that we pray to know where to be the night before we go out to work. He readily accepted an invitation to let us return to teach him, and said that if he hadn't been in the middle of tea, he would have let us in right then. He took a Restoration pamphlet and accepted a return appointment for Friday (a bit of a long wait, unfortunately, but our nights are getting cramped, which is a GOOD thing because evenings are the most difficult times to work during the winter). So it was a miracle! A golden contact!
I almost felt as though I wasn't deserving of it, but we made sure to thank the Lord for the blessed day He had given us before continuing on in our ministry. Truly, the Lord is looking out for us. We've gone this whole transfer seeing very few results, and at the last day of it, the last week really, we start to experience miracles. Regardless of whether or not these miracles keep occurring, I've decided that I did learn a number of things last transfer. Funny how it's always at the end of the trial that you realize that you've learned anything. But I don't want to waste any more of my mission feeling discouraged or sad or depressed.
So we have been experiencing miracles- the day before we found 4 potentials, which is a miracle for this area. I was also told that missionary "legends" who have baptized heaps have served in Clarence Park with minimal results. It made me feel good and not good- it's good to know I'm not the only one who has had a difficult time in this area, but it makes me sad to know that it hasn't changed much. But this transfer is off to a good start- we're going to keep it that way, regardless of how the Lord decides the work should flow in the Clarence Park area.
Sister Moss and Sister Farr are getting transferred; to be honest, I'm pretty gutted. I'm going to miss those sisters heaps. They taught me heaps and were such examples of diligence, perseverance, obedience, and just remembering to smile and have a laugh. They are some of the ZAAM's best and whoever comes in will have some big shoes to fill. But ZAAMer's are the best missionaries, so it should be just fine. ;D
There's not a whole lot left to report. My companion and I saw our "eternigator" yesterday [a person who continues having the missionaries over for lessons, but who never does any progressing towards change or baptism]- unfortunately, he was a bit drunk.  My companion was cut; I could tell he was hurting hard-out. I'm always disappointed when these kinds of things happen, and maybe it's just because I've seen it all before who knows how many times, but to be honest, I wasn't very surprised at what I saw. During our planning session, Elder Fleming had hopefully offered the idea of extending a baptismal invitation to him for sometime in September. When he asked me how I felt, I was honest in telling him that I couldn't see this man getting baptized for another 6 months, or possibly even another year. Lo and behold, he really isn't doing anything to move forward, though he thinks he is. I've never heard so much rationalization or justification in all my life.  Honestly, it was heartbreaking to see, but I guess I just expected it. My poor companion really did believe he had committed to changing though. 
On a happier note, we've got a lesson tonight with one of our potentials so we'll be inviting him to be baptized, and we're hosting some missionaries tonight (not sure who of) but it should be good for my companion to get to know some folks.
Thank you all so much for the prayers! Regardless of how things keep going, I know that the Lord has taught me some valuable lessons and has really put me through the ringer of faith-building. And I know it was all for a divine purpose, whatever that may be.
I love you all heaps and you should all know that I am doing well and am excited for this upcoming transfer!
-Elder Schomburg

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