Monday, August 4, 2014

Pray for Rain... Week 71

I want to explain the heading really quick! In Adelaide, it is winter, and winter means cold mornings, bitterly cold evenings, and RAIN!!! And... it sounds like it's been raining back home too... and I fear I may be the one to blame. Allow me to explain.
At about the start of the week, or late last week, I was pondering (something I do a lot of, but this was pondering on myself as a missionary, which is something I don't have time to do very often) and I felt as though I was slipping back into that angry and frustrated person that I was last transfer, and I didn't want that. That actually leads me to another point of interest that I may or may not get to later- we'll see how this goes. Anyways, I decided that I wasn't going to be frustrated or angry anymore, and as I watched the clouds gathering outside, I went and said a prayer, and I asked the Lord to make it rain; I asked Him to make it absolutely pour... and it did! And we went out on the bikes in the freezing cold rain and I had a GREAT time! So the next night I asked him to make it rain again... and it did! And I asked him to make it rain... and it did! And then I forgot to ask... and it didn't rain. That's happened a few times now, but for every time that I have asked for it to rain, it has rained, and every time I've forgotten to ask for rain, it has been the sunniest, most beautiful Adelaide winter day conceivable! I never once thought that the Lord would answer my prayers across the pond though, so sorry for that. I'll be more specific in my prayers next time. xD
Now back to that point of interest. In the recent weeks, as the time of my eventual departure from the field grows ever near and sneaks into my thoughts more frequently, I was finding that certain things I was saying, doing, and thinking were all very much like the Jeffrey Scott Schomburg that left for the field a year and four months ago. As I thought about it, the reason why suddenly clicked! I was told by someone very close to me before I left to hold on to any changes that occurred in the mission field, because they would all be for the better. That much has been true- I think I'm a much better guy than when I first came out, but you'll all have to be the judge in 8 months. Anyways, it clicked then- Satan knows that I don't have very long to go, and he knows that I've picked up some pretty useful skills out here, as well as become a bit more well-rounded in regards to being a person. He knows I've really come to identify myself as a son of God and the weight that I put behind such a statement. With such an understanding, he's thrown all of these challenges and tribulations in the way that hit me in just the right spot that provokes me to revert to my old thought patterns and behavioural responses to certain situations- he wants me to become who I used to be.
So I put my foot down and albeit very simply, said to myself, "No, that's not going to happen because I am in control of that, and I will not tolerate it." I don't think Satan liked that, because I was again obligated to contend with one of his followers one of these past nights. After the fourth time, you sort of expect it to keep happening- just goes to show that Satan has no intelligence, what with doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I'd invite him to use his head... but... that's like asking Lord Voldemort why he doesn't have a nose...
It was funny in my head. xD

Anyways, moving right along! My companion and I found 13 potential investigators this week! And we made an effort to follow up with those whom we had already found, but still nothing's going for us. We've got potential investigators that we are really dying to teach but they never seem to be home the second time we come calling! Bugger! We also need to find someone to teach and extend a baptismal invitation to this week- the objective is to baptize someone in August, and if we don't find someone this week, it won't happen. Guess who is a bit stressed?
Speaking of that, I was asking myself the hard questions this morning. I was wondering if I was missing the joy of being a missionary. I know I've loved being a missionary before, but I was wondering if I loved being a missionary now. I ultimately came to the conclusion that I was letting some things get in between me and the joy of being a missionary, things that just don't need to get in the way of being happy. Yes, things are difficult, and hard, and stressful, and some nights you don't get the sleep you want, but being a missionary is still great! I'm called to the work of salvation, to help Heavenly Father "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." How great is my calling!? It's pretty great, and I just need to look at the good things more often, and do all that I can. I could probably be applying myself even more... but we'll see how I do it; one bite at a time, what an opportunity, cross that bridge when I get there, all the rest of it! I wonder if that just sounds like an excuse to procrastinate, because it's really not. ;D
Ah, anyways, the Outback is great, even though I'm not really in the Outback... I miss the Outback, though... BUT the Lord has called me to serve here, and so I shall!
I love you all heaps!
-Elder Schomburg

[Elder Schomburg has a hard time getting photos to us - he said that these are from 3 transfers ago. That's about 3-4 months.]

Elder Schomburg assured me, it's not his bike. haha
Elder Aiono and Elder Schomburg


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