Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day...Week 59

G'day all!

Today was Mother's Day, and I got to call home, and it was really fun because I got to Skype as well, at least for a time. It was great though, and I really enjoyed seeing my Mum and my Dad and Elizabeth and Robby! Then the Skype cut out, and so I switched to just calling, and I cried and became a snot-nosed missionary when I was saying goodbye... I guess that's healthy but I certainly don't like doing it because it makes it impossible to say everything you want to say! Anyways...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful mum's out there! My my mum is the best and there's nothing any of you can do about it- the truth cannot be debated. I already told her how amazing she is and how much I appreciate her and all the rest of it, so to all those who have mums, make sure you do something extra special for her today! Mums are so incredible and they sacrifice so much for their children; they really are the epitome of selfless service, charity, and sacrifice. Everything mums do is for their children, or it should be, so children of mothers (all of us), make sure that you are showing your mother the respect that she deserves. She may not be a perfect person, but she carried you for nine months, changed her eating diet so you could come out properly, sacrificed endless hours of sleep and rest so that you could be fed, and then suffered you to remain alive and living as you grew up in age and rebelliousness. I look back now and feel bad for all the trouble I put my mother through because I know from observation and analysis that being a mum is the hardest thing that anyone could sign up for. There is no greater trust shown from Heavenly Father than to that of a woman who is willing to sacrifice everything she has to raise up one of His spirit sons or daughters in this world. Indeed, there is no "higher calling" issued to anyone else.

I love my Mum, and she is the best there is- she might not be perfect (and she's darn-well close to being there) but she is a perfect mother, and I love her.

Until next time, though, because I've got to go!

-Elder Jeffrey Schomburg 

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