Monday, May 26, 2014

Time Seems to Be Flying... Week 61

G'day all!
My little sister GRADUATED @.@ WHAT!? That's hectic ["hectic" is Aussie slang for "exciting" or "awesome"]... I don't really know what to say about that; it's just hectic. It was good to see the photos of Seminary graduation as well and the plaque that Robby received- heaps of good things going on back home, it sounds like. Sounds as though it's been really busy as well, what with all the graduations and whatnot. Congratulations to Desiree and Braden, by the way! Again, I'm not quite sure what to say because that is also a great deal hectic, but I imagine that they are where they need to be- nothing happens by accident.

The Graduate - before

The graduate - after!
Robby's Arrow of Light award -
The highest achievement in Cub Scouts

From my end of the world, transfers is on this next Tuesday (we get the call next Monday), so this is the last week of this transfer (I've forgotten which one I'm on, though I know it's the end of my... oi-ya-wai... 10th transfer? Which means I've got seven more...? Hocca (it's a Tongan expression like "uffda" except only the negative connotation)... I think that's where I'm at... I stopped counting, you see, because I always lose track. Anyways, 14 months is tomorrow, and then I'll have 10 more after that.
However, that's not quite why I titled this "Time Seems to Be Flying" because time is flying for everyone that isn't me. That is only because my life is not experiencing any "progression" as it were- where I am experiencing a lot of spiritual and personal growth, which is great, I'm still doing the same thing I was doing a year ago, unlike everyone back home. My sister graduated and is going to be eligible for turning in mission papers in 6 months.. 6 months!!! My older brother's probably going to be married by then to some sweet little Arizona desert flower who gets swept off her feet ('cause my brother's a skux, and who doesn't like a guy from Colorado? ;D), and Robby is going into.... is it 5th grade at the start of next year? What!? He'll be in Middle School soon... that's crazy to think about.
Elder Fishburn goes home in 3 months, and then all my mission fathers will be "deceased." Elder Aiono goes home after next transfer, and so does Elder Nay and Elder Sexton (he was my zone leader in Evandale for a transfer)... I'm slowly crossing into the realm of "oldies". Though there are more young missionaries than old ones, I haven't quite counted myself as one of the "oldies" yet, but that's just around the corner- 4 more months and I'll only have six months left, and then you will all have to duck in cover for when I come home. xD Not really, though I was recently reminiscing on who I was before I came out, and my mannerisms and demeanor and whatnot... I'm not sure I'd be friends with me a year ago. xD
Anyways, sorry for that ramble. I've just been doing a lot of thinking recently. In my world right now, nothing spectacular is happening- the district is doing well enough. Poor Sister Viaula badly twisted her ankle while we were playing basketball after the temple trip. Elder Aiono and I carried her to the bench, and some nearby people came and helped out by giving us an ice-pack (her ankle swelled heaps straightaway), and then Elder Aiono ('cause he's more musclely than me) carried her to the car, which Sister Aspinall and myself quickly prepped for her, and then the sisters (all four of them) went to the hospital (mostly because they were sharing one car for the day). Sister Viaula is okay now- she has to be on bed-rest for a week straight, and then she'll be on crutches for four more weeks before she can start to try walking on it, but she's coping. It was kinda scary- we didn't have any idea how bad it was, save for it swelling right away, and we couldn't tell if she was just being soft or if something was really wrong because she was crying heaps! But it's all good now!
Sister Farr was given two more companions for the rest of the transfer- one, Sister Belangacani (from Fiji), to stay at home with Sister Viaula while she recovers, and the other, Sister Rongomate (from Tahiti), to work with Sister Farr during the day. They're both fairly new (Sister Rongomate is actually brand new), but they're awesome sisters and I'm grateful to have them serving in the same district.
Well what else can I tell you? I still don't know what's going on or what I should be doing regarding my own trials, aside from patiently (so difficult) waiting for enough information to act, but I'm doing my best to not assume or jump to conclusions, and yesterday the Lord really helped me to have a good, productive day. I also got my only suit dry-cleaned this week; I hadn't been afraid of getting slacks or shirts or anything dirty, but after feeling how fresh and crisp it is... I'd like to keep it that way, so I've started to treat my suit more like a suit and less like everyday clothing... paradoxical, isn't it?
Aside from that, all is well in my world. I got some postcards and letters from home (Nan and Nanna and Mum [look at my Aussie terminology- I'm one of them now xd]) and mail is always welcome! I sent some home to Mum, and it includes a lot for multiple people, and if you're not in there, it's either because you're going to get something more detailed in the future, or you need to make it known that you want mail, because I don't know who wants what. I want mail, that much I know. xD
I love you all and will talk to you probably after transfers!
-Elder Jeffrey Schomburg

Australia Adelaide Mission
P.O. Box 97
Marden, SA 5070

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